Grey Man

I didn’t get a good look at the fish tank next to me. Hell, I didn’t even notice it. This means I am going to hell. Reality, as exposed by scientists as they bite into it, does not reveal an actual hell realm, other than the seemingly limitless varieties of suffering humans and animals create.…… Continue reading Grey Man


sitting here very carefully poised in the birth of a new writing session, Kalika then jumps down to look at my arm and sniff my arm—I sneeze—and then wonder if my sneezing at this moment is congruent to immediate triggered allergies, or just a coincidence. sitting here in the sleepy calm quiet of Sunday night…… Continue reading Untitled

Translation / Transaction

the joy of writing, of sex, of bread, of earth – joy in different measures. in pursuit of joy. the effortless acceptance of joy falling through the skylight. these thoughts barely making it to the page versus the desire to grandly translate. write something about the overall struggle-of-life. trying to articulate the heart of the…… Continue reading Translation / Transaction

Beyond Death

Tonight begins three days of rain that scare the cats into the background and I keep drinking really tall glasses of water from the jug not the sky. I told them no it’s okay you’re safe with me and I’m not gonna let nothing happen to you. Tonight is its own night quiet and done…… Continue reading Beyond Death


Saturday notes: writing plans are coming together (news comes later) it’s not easy I tell you I should really emphasize that anyway, I’m in a spot where if you sneeze they bless you with “bless you” it’s true that if you really write for a long period the words flow easier and you can open…… Continue reading Untitled


By the way, this year’s Halloween was a wash out. Oh well. Seems so often that this time of year, we’re broke as hell, or unstable in some other kind of way. Forces me to think in terms of seasons, for sure. National Novel Writing Month, for example, falls around this time of year, and…… Continue reading Untitled