A Human Place

Ten days of seclusion and getting to what I feel a more Human place. It is a workshop of the mind to confront yourself in isolation and stay out of everyone else’s business no ifs ands or buts about it. Courage to be launched into space and just Left There for awhile and with the…… Continue reading A Human Place

At The Movies

an end to my vacation tomorrow work begins that thing I been talking on — Vipassana, ten day radio silence heightened awareness altered states sitting in the dark no drugs or TV or slasher flix in system… just You (if you can handle that) some wish me luck, others like: “Go fuck yourself” which at…… Continue reading At The Movies

Meditation and Other Notes

What is the difference between writing, blogging, and microblogging? Possible answers: Writing… is… the act of writing… simple enough. You do it, ya know? You put pen to paper the traditional way all the self indulgent little thoughts you obsess over, later maybe reading it back to yourself or sharing it with someone else. Blogging,…… Continue reading Meditation and Other Notes

Best We Build

death is in the airsuicide is in the parkhow do I know?just tune in and you too can knowdo you care to know?that is the questionjust what is art, anyway?that’s another questionand for me, not an argumentI don’t want to attach myself to the end resultprobably I’ll be somewhere right in the middleI’m tired of…… Continue reading Best We Build

Trillions of Years

we don’t say muchwe don’t say much out loud instead fill the air with so much cryptic blabberwe don’t want to expose ourselves or who we consider ourselves to be as if somehow our own suffering is so incredibly uniqueand thus we furtherbecome isolated and bent out of shape…it is not always wrong to do…… Continue reading Trillions of Years

Some of Today

to recover… "you’re recovering? I talked to you awhile back and you were sick…" yeah, what is with the world today, huh? sick all the time in debt all the time fret all the time locked outta house and home sip a humble martyr tea outer space man outta space man mind clank and feet…… Continue reading Some of Today


guess my immune was downbecause the openwindow yesterday put a hurting on me as I sleptwaking into a world offever pain and head cold sneezeand chest cold coughing up the London BridgeI would like to describe itfurther and spend this timechatting with you so muchbut I don’t feel like I canevery window I look out…… Continue reading Torment

Running For Something

I just realized I have 1,200+ entries on here, here on LiveJournal!and don’tcall metrendy, okay?just don’tyou know, ‘cuzI’m on a "service"an Internet service…what do youWANT me to be on, a horse?the connection is Not as Goodthis iswhat you get…and well, I dohave my forumskinda in the same waymy mom goes…I gotta watch my showsI can’t…… Continue reading Running For Something