bgk-logo_med or (Glenn Burns), from DC, is a slow traveler, evolving the mental framework and vibrations. Word Innovator. Introverted Loudmouth. He has performed spoken pieces for over 20 years. In 2005, he relocated to Houston and has continued to self-publish numerous books of poetry, philosophy, and comedic abstractions and observations that, he feels, “follows consciousness where it must go.”

His latest works include Overflow (poems and prose, released 2017), Good Nature, I’m In Your Area (Revenge of The Napkin Poems), and Terra.

Online Writing

Gabbing At You

A rusted bell rattled and clapped deep inside the kitchen phone. Sabina gave Mother a look, stood up, and stepped in. It was Dr. Aikenson. Sabina leaned against the wall, twirling her right index finger around and in through the long, yellow-stained cord. Aikenson proceeded with his prognosis: “I’m afraid that…”

All About Birds

Ronnie has long-developed a tuning out. “Doesn’t she know they’ve had this coming?” he thought. “Death comes to all things.”

Printed Matter

I'm In Your Area