Evolving the mental framework and vibrations. Word Innovator. Introverted Loudmouth. He has performed spoken pieces for over 20 years. In 2005, he relocated from DC to Houston and has continued to self-publish numerous books of poetry, philosophy, and comedic abstractions and observations that, he feels, “follows consciousness where it must go.”

BGK, is short for Basically Gentle & Kind. It’s origins are in Hinduism, in the days of pre-internet correspondence, when the author would jokingly sign his name as BG Karma, referencing the Indian painter BG Sharma. 

Also known as Glenn Burns, BGK’s latest works include The Summer of Granite, Overflow (poems and prose, released in 2017), Good Nature, I’m In Your Area (Revenge of The Napkin Poems), and Terra.

Two new books, Vast + Spacious and The Summer of Granite, have been released for digital download in the spring of 2020. The Summer of Granite is now available in print.

In 2021, BGK returned to DC to start a new chapter.

The Summer of Granite is BGK’s latest release of poems, written during the summer of 2019, aka days that are hard.

Formats: Print / Digital

Pieced together by K.F. Blasco Solér for my birthday a few years back, I’m finally getting this one out the door. Hope you like it.

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Overflow is poetry akin to a psychic intervention. The mise-en-scène of BGK’s newest collection is the daily life, struggles, and creative process of the poet delivered as a surreal spate of meditations in metaphorical form and sometimes blisteringly honest confession. Each piece screws with the senses with its bright dark humor, unpredictable pacing, styles, and incisive clarity served up with jokes on you and everyone you’ve ever known.

Good Nature is a curation of thirty-six poems from the heavens and hells and reminiscings of BGK’s innerscapes, as he progresses to the next age.

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