Headchange Prequel

If you play the game, the enjoyment of it is power, ability, leverage, maneuverability. the combination… a head / ahead/ headchange switch your handwriting up up away off timing, pushing a project along battery suit up fine iPhone planet spinning with three small moons plenty of water, even hidden water on reserve spinning thoughts needing…… Continue reading Headchange Prequel

Dubious Hermitage

So much code/design study, I have to set a timer to break away or I will break my face. As I hack along, a random New Yorker texts me, pries for information, and before I know it—this guy turns out to be a web developer, someone I can barrage with questions all things CSS, jQuery,…… Continue reading Dubious Hermitage

Some Bloodspill

up late layering words down as to make sense of what I’m thinking this is now the age old tradition of many and why for the life of me I go on explaining it… I suppose I just get all wordy like a narrator and mostly besides the need in it there is also a…… Continue reading Some Bloodspill


Breathe. Breathing can transform your life. If you feel stressed out and overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions. If you are worried about something coming up, or caught up in something that already happened, breathe. It will bring you back to the present. If you are discouraged and have forgotten your…… Continue reading Breathe

The Base

the eyes are a deep ocean, with whirlpools and violent winds, and shadows beneath the surface and sea monsters deep within. my boat is sailing in mindfulness, I vow to hold the tiller firmly so that I do not drown in an ocean of form. using my conscious breath, I am guarding my eyes for…… Continue reading The Base


I vow to always try we damage each other and ourselves with ourselves vow to always pay attention to the potential damage that can be done with words and try for the opposite apologies cannot always repair I can only go on living and go on trying it is late and night and time to…… Continue reading Attention

Spare Parts

pills coatedis this what you wantyogurt spazlingholy shipwe get kicked out Erol’sout ofthe fuck is youridea butpron. like eye-deethat’s southernsurprise foodthe spelling bewas riggedeach one teach oneeach of uspick a religionto reformthen we’ll swapthe namesit’s coming down to a craZeand fearingthe Worstis justa badhabit formatall formationsfizz downdisintigrate, Sorryto sayI told you sowithout yellingwhat’s that boutthe…… Continue reading Spare Parts

A Human Place

Ten days of seclusion and getting to what I feel a more Human place. It is a workshop of the mind to confront yourself in isolation and stay out of everyone else’s business no ifs ands or buts about it. Courage to be launched into space and just Left There for awhile and with the…… Continue reading A Human Place

At The Movies

an end to my vacation tomorrow work begins that thing I been talking on — Vipassana, ten day radio silence heightened awareness altered states sitting in the dark no drugs or TV or slasher flix in system… just You (if you can handle that) some wish me luck, others like: “Go fuck yourself” which at…… Continue reading At The Movies