At The Movies

an end to
my vacation

work begins

that thing I been talking on
Vipassana, ten day
radio silence
heightened awareness
altered states
sitting in the dark
no drugs or
TV or slasher flix
in system…
just You
(if you can handle that)

some wish me luck,
others like:
“Go fuck yourself”
which at
times I’m sure
I’ll feel is exactly
what’s happening

the great art of
self/non-self peering

dependent co-arising…
this is what
I was trying to explain
to the young man
from Chicago earlier
the right words
were not rising

I just woke from
this dream
someone at a bar
teaching me with a
needle how
to close shut
a cloth wound;
but was interrupted

my own movies gush out
every time Yorke
puts it down like
Where I End and You Begin,
Climbing Up The Walls, Electioneering…
the rapture
and talk of energy swirls
known as Chakras
I heard if you
burst to tears
they send you on a
time out
to the

walk around a bit
turn over

a grand detox
no Bob Dylan
or Trip Hop
Wu-Tang, KRS,
Talib… etc.
no Dharma Bum

no listing

a departure

all words
constructed by careful
mind to each letter
is how I
remember the
penning of cursive

all experience

rising up making an
appearance for

the sun

the soil wetted,
cloud treatment

walking for a cancer cure

ask them:
“why outbreak?
why is this happening?
nuclear testing?
a drunk, a punchup at a wedding…?”

they’ll not say

“Blood crawls
across the cancer”
—Black Mountain


creep everyone out

this life and anger
more I try to understand it
I’m lighter and lighter
bring myself
to a high side

high percentage

forgive and let live
first we gotta live with
knowing even others
won’t forgive us
and so how?
grows heavy to think on
some cabins
turn to bacon
clouds get so spread thin
they pass on out then it’s over

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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