At the movies

so I’ve come up to a tea house and have been writing to various friends, a sore need of mine. in writing them I forgot to mention, so I’m saying it now, the movie V For Vendetta is in fact quite amazing. an anarchist’s movie at heart. and to think, produced straight outta hollywood. goes…… Continue reading At the movies


Wondering what all the fuss over “Firefly” and “Serenity” is about? Wonder no more. From the brilliant mind of Buffy & Angel creator Joss Whedon, Firefly is a universe that spans and re-interprets the genres of science fiction, the western, action and comedy. Full of humour, heart and hotness, once you’ve seen Firefly, you’ll never…… Continue reading Untitled

Browncoats unite!

Wow… I just got to see a test screening of Joss Whedon’s movie Serenity. I’m jumping up and down so violently my guns are firing off!

Six Feet Under

In case anyone is wondering what I thought of the last season and last episode of Six Feet Under, I cannot review it at length because, for now, I don’t think I would do it much justice. It’s something you would have to see for yourself to really understand. And each person really “gets it”…… Continue reading Six Feet Under


Times are hard. Words are hard. No, this is not some politic. These are words while sipping green tea in the air conditioning of a wi-fied Panera. So… not all that hard. It is also Father’s Day, but I am not a father and not paying it any mind. Though I paid my dad a…… Continue reading Untitled


It’s funny how people I don’t know – like say, bank tellers – try to offer me encouragement about my move, as if their little bit is going to be the deal closer for me, and their stamp of approval is something I actually need. And I understand them being cordial, too. I guess it’s…… Continue reading Untitled

Halloween notes

Hitchcock bio playing 5 or 6 groups of kids came to the door I walked myself through the neighborhood checking out the decked out houses pumpkins candles skeletons ghosts cob webs orange lights the creative works of a master of suspense I’m glad to be away from work they’ll ask when I’m back how was…… Continue reading Halloween notes