She’s Hardly Recognizable Now fires off at the mouth today. Grab on. The new book—Terra—pieces Herself together with Tibetan incantations, sweet intonations, as a M-trip conference devoted to planetary restoration, as New York shouts down to Philly passing off to B-More onto DC—plodding west until the back tire comes loose—reminded: we find ourselves stuck wits’…… Continue reading Incantations


I have a new thing in the works, here on the journal. Strangely enough, I seem to be doing a lot of my favorite writing here. And this is fine, but I also want to move more into the realm of physical print. And so if you read something here, then I turn around, print…… Continue reading TEMPORARY

Podcast 6 Available

Thanks thanks. This is a rambling rambly show. Biggest show yet. And it is directed towards writing or writers in particular. You may even wanna have it going on in the background while you have your pen at the page. Click the link in the sidebar if you haven’t already subscribed.