Saturday Night Writ

shotgun chat too much makeup on lost interest fast driving a premium gasoline’d convertible bad listening span visiting fam nightguard in mouth keeping some from great grinds layoffs at the graveyard send reeling workers home axed unfinished grinds wary of the prick glued to business calls all thru Virginia and chides the kind woman for…… Continue reading Saturday Night Writ

Family Blood

family is past blood and more about location and limits itself to innermost gears of how you work and plod along through growing times. what is seen as silence as if a trappest monk has visited and sprinkled fairie dust all over the place. giving a fuck is sometimes hard to muster. time is telling.…… Continue reading Family Blood


I have a new thing in the works, here on the journal. Strangely enough, I seem to be doing a lot of my favorite writing here. And this is fine, but I also want to move more into the realm of physical print. And so if you read something here, then I turn around, print…… Continue reading TEMPORARY