Saturday Night Writ

shotgun chat
too much makeup on
lost interest fast
driving a premium gasoline’d convertible
bad listening span
visiting fam

nightguard in mouth keeping some from great grinds
layoffs at the graveyard send reeling workers home axed
unfinished grinds

wary of the prick glued
to business calls
all thru Virginia
and chides the kind woman
for her stumbling
set to pothole jitters

squirrel stripes on
a rock
like three
and asking how
by natural elements, events,
storms, ground under a door,
a bang, impersonal

the art of friggin’ yrself
in yr mirror while
ya visualize yr happy
place f’eva
sibblings are checkin’
in on voice mail

hi emptiness: I keep
fill you
you keep
keep bleeding


grey answer
roped back down to earth or left
stranded to skill
acquire the ‘self-rely’
roped in trunk
calm yourself or surely die

he called em ‘culudz’ & solved
the jank’dest rainbow cube
to amaze me, ol’ dad on mom-side
she’d buy shoes and type the story down

polish unrecognized irony till trapped dull
licking these internally
all saltish
rethink this visitation for a network
then work it, girl

origination in the other thing
an’ can B traced with a hamster dam all jammed
me bright
A-Z pride
for 4 hours
smoke a hashtag

young once
now I’m youngest & young ones call me youngin’
any reversal evident
ahem, shredded
tha time bomb of psalm

eighties canon
clown drinking fountain
70 dives
one miss
canary note
favorite tree
monster scares boat
help u remove yr dress

Spacely was a short man
George under heal
Jefferson deluxe laundro
Cindy rattle brain
Jack fakes his stay
why bother?

emotionally charged
slide yr card
Hamburger Helper hand gets picked on
buys gun
walks thru wall like the Kool Aid tank

put your pain pants back on
thought my typo was paint pants
but I mean what I say
and I mean pain
and u were going to anyway

the storks that think they know human babies
the forks that shove in
in the dark there are bent spoons
left to soothe a doubt
mind flickers

ahold of tightly aren’t you ready for shifting
fond library mems
snack memes
Houston scene creamers stand still as trees

Yarned up and batted around the room
I am your moth that breaks the lightbulb
water to fire in its middle
it stops at demise, yep

aging rapid & rabid
the fanfic has a dead engine
what happened to authors who used to have fun
pay me
I’m at the beach and high

neon one
buy u objectification
always scream
smart, he is a smarty
smack off a smile from a fake face

an event passing
ticket price of silence twelve clicks
sorrow folding sorry laundry
a stalling stale catalyst of red laughs

burn the world up with an eyebrow
and go to town on them deadbeats at the tracks
all clocks set back
watch ’em fly back turn & backtrack

concern of a thousand grandmothers combined
eat this up thin young man
these tests of time in the
secondhand grains of sand

cherry twine bent up in her mouth
hyperdrive stolen dismal kiss
bring the bag the closet the skeleton along
change currency over to space

she pierces tip of thumb for me
baby cat brain notched, smiles, shamanlike
a milk forgotten out spoils
friends move marry factory

The linger pain bit not quit not quite
digested sought an India
but settled for Americas everywhere
Fran Chize sits beside a pyramid

Communicative key mashed to potato form still
razor edge sled hidden and slid under there
fitting the lock to turn this burn cold

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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