The Chron

air flowto troubled lungslike everyone already knowsget there somehowuh huh noddingof in and out breathsimulates other ins andouts in lifeups and downsto and acrossa problem chronic paper dove smashing

Sitting In The Window

see, there’s a breezeit doesn’t do any goodcoughing into a walllungs constrict day-long shoes glowaround feet Kicked upin the chairnarrow passage waymore strange conversationswith selfRudra one-two paws the doorsleep comes at the oddest hoursso much time wasted and you can hear theneighbor cough toochill dealt to back of neck autofillear rest old paintingsphantasm on the…… Continue reading Sitting In The Window


ya think I’m not writing ha Ha think aheadatime for that next summer job it’s what ya should probably do… she’ll be makin’ her way ’round the mountain when she’s done absurd I’ve one girl on third waiting for a home/run home running a home running from a burning home everything all gone duplex living…… Continue reading Rants

Looking for a place to stay! Will write poems for food!

Tomorrow I should be leaving my gracious hosts here in Downtown and looking for a new place to stay, just for a short while, preferably somewhere with power (which, I know, is asking a lot). I have with me two well behaved cats that can sort of acclimate with your other animals. EMAIL ME AT…… Continue reading Looking for a place to stay! Will write poems for food!

Living With Asthma

I am a asthma sufferer. It lives within me. The ghost comes with a wheezing, constricts my breath inopportunely at a random odd hour of the night while I am sleeping, does its damage. And so while I drag myself out of bed, its pain brings me to a threshold barely able to think of…… Continue reading Living With Asthma

Look On Face

drink this tea down look on face all the weak elephants don’t make it and oh how a mother elephant cares I feel like my love like that could surpass the simplest forests to the most complex of jungles in more loss the poem remains true especially this line remains true may tea open safe…… Continue reading Look On Face

September Asthma Association

a connection that drops in and out in and about asthma that likes to shout: “young man, gather yourself from restful sleep go in the other room and turn on the fan blades above you…” there comes a breeze from the ceiling while reading while wheezing youngin’ your odd existence is troubled . . .…… Continue reading September Asthma Association

New Dwelling (some poems)

2005 worries: I will travel from Roanoke to Houston and at my friend’s house be in nearly perfect health yet when we move again it’s all lost and I’m sneezing and I’m coughing and I’m wheezing and I’m cussing and I’m wide awake all night . . . downstairs is the tile layout hard and…… Continue reading New Dwelling (some poems)


The move went well and we’re really enjoying unpacking everything in our new apartment. Exhausted to the point of near-collapse. As if someone has taken a large hammer to all vital organs. This has triggered old asthma wheezing and shortness of breath, probably from unloading dusty books onto their shelves – which should not last…… Continue reading Untitled

First day

I start my first day on the job in just about an hour; starting out part-time as a prepress specialist/graphic designer for a small print shop. Needless to say, having been out of work for so long, I’m excited and ready to jump in head first. Since I don’t have all that much to say…… Continue reading First day