New Dwelling (some poems)

2005 worries:
I will travel from Roanoke
to Houston and
at my friend’s house
be in nearly perfect health
yet when we move again
it’s all lost
and I’m sneezing
and I’m coughing
and I’m wheezing
and I’m cussing
and I’m wide awake
all night

. . .

downstairs is the tile layout
hard and easily
cleaned with
broom mop
downstairs where
I come in
after a long day
the cats greet me
I sit in the red chair
recline in the red chair
before the TV
or have it off
read something
and at the table
at the back of the kitchen
we talk light philosophy
about our lives
and even the
words coming out of my mouth
as I speak them
are misspelled
but the food is good

and up
up the stairs
begins the grey carpeting
soft to the step
that top step slightly crooked
but we love it
because it’s ours

two rooms
we get to turn them into
anything we want
throw down the mattress
yes we sleep
so close
to the floor

I now have an office
the bookshelves
the desk
all of it has me jumping
up and down in celebration

a door closed
I imagine and imitate
a hermit’s seclusion
flip the switch on and off
as I choose
until I’m really old
then it’s just broken

two decks of tarot cards
old photographs
an old friend gets in touch

moving is horrendous
but moving-in…

is brilliant

. . .

cats scream at night
I mean
they really scream

in the

a stranger cat
makes it over
onto our balcony
and ours
our little one
has spidey senses
she goes up
to the window

the fuck out

and it
in the




a fight with
the window pane commences
oh, you wish ill
on the kitty
opposite you?
you scream like
you need an exorcism

please keep it down
rather, please
go to sleep
sleep while we sleep
it wasn’t easy
after all
for me to…

what do cats
know of
the politics
of asthmatics?

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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