Some Notes

simply put the writing is like a free hand choppy coming off cryptic because it is choppy but I’m not holding anyone’s hand in this the reader has some work to do I have finally donated some money to the Live Journal community thereby becoming a full member I endorse others do the same there…… Continue reading Some Notes


it is Wednesday survivaldo or dieit is Wednesday betrayalhere oh here marks the occasiondrinking comesto a closethat isothers are drinkingand Iam stoppingI say this each dayalong the waytil it’s Wednesdaywhen I really mean ithadenoughof itaround noon listeningto all the Dag Nasty albums with Claudiadrinking teaand I thinkI’m feeling pretty good these daysit is a changed…… Continue reading Untitled


I return home power is soon established it is election time coming up after all H-Town is not another New Orleans so get Monday in gear this is a new chapter and work itself still is without juice it is okay I need a few more minutes to collect myself so I did right by…… Continue reading Untitled

Looking for a place to stay! Will write poems for food!

Tomorrow I should be leaving my gracious hosts here in Downtown and looking for a new place to stay, just for a short while, preferably somewhere with power (which, I know, is asking a lot). I have with me two well behaved cats that can sort of acclimate with your other animals. EMAIL ME AT…… Continue reading Looking for a place to stay! Will write poems for food!

December Notes

Talk of… GOOD INTENTIONS. Just talking. The talk does not manifest itself always into anything other than itself? Let me say, this wisdom pouring out is manifest in the act of humanity’s ability to question. And on top of that, it’s ability to question the question. That is some acid infinity mirror kind of shit,…… Continue reading December Notes


So, some notes: What is it like here? Very flat. Very flat and brutally hot. And some days I am as depressed as it is hot, because I have not found work. So come to Houston and fry an egg on the sidewalk and see a depressed guy, jobless, but not without friends kind of…… Continue reading Untitled

Incredibly interesting things worth talking out

I am writing these slasher notes prose gets it s he ad chopped off that’s my mind frame these days better this than throwing in the towel altogether “I’ll make ya understand…” -beatles clap clap clap clap so still job hunting a lot of waiting and waiting hoping and worrying sitting alone in bed much…… Continue reading Incredibly interesting things worth talking out