Some Notes

simply put
the writing is like a
free hand
coming off cryptic
because it is choppy
but I’m
not holding anyone’s
hand in this

the reader has
some work to do

I have finally
donated some money
to the Live Journal
thereby becoming
a full member
I endorse
others do the same
there are
some benefits in this—
mainly the ability
to posting
via phone email
is a nice feature that
gets opened up to you
I figured after a decade
they’ve housed my
words for so long
I might as well
show a little

on the other hand
Comcast is
a terrible company, period
I was late a few days
on the bill
(they had my service
disconnected for at least
a week after the hurricane,
what gives?)
next thing I know
they pull my Internet connexion
the second time doing so

other news:
my podcast show is on hiatus
I don’t want to give too many
other details
but really all I need is
a good microphone of my
own and I can get started
very simply
so it’s not all that far off and away

just ran
the red light in front
of two cop cars
guess they were
talking to each other
and didn’t notice
very grateful for that

now I’m nursing
the night from my head
to a smooth transition
a girl on the sidewalk
is wearing an Independent shirt
from skateboarding days of yore
the kid at
Food Not Bombs last night
said once he found
a skateboard he
stopped doing drugs forever
was wearing a Thrasher tee

my back tire goes flat
is fixed free Discount Tire
bless their hearts!

in this morning’s dream
I’m in a used car lot
looking at two and three hundred
dollar rattle traps
I know I have to
treat my current car
a little better
a lot?!

these spirits of mine
do not so much need blessings
from other spirits
in bottle form
if you know what I mean
well, I’ve been venturing in a
little too often
and taking a beating
but quick analyzation finds
me in a
relatively good spot right now
early in the week as it is
each week absolutely fucking exhausting
other’s problems flap all in the wind
around me like Morrissey records
once I get back on my bike
I realize how free I am again
even if the rain falls
like it is right now
I’m okay with it
a little sun shines through
a little sun from the huge Sun
can you relate?

a young man with leaf blower
makes this
parking lot pristine
it is Midtown’s way of telling you
there’s only one way
you can stay here—
“show us the money”

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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