Less Quotes

upgrading to QUOTING LESS if you can’t say it yourself you haven’t truly learned it if you can’t say it your own way you haven’t lived it

More Journal

All reading of Bram Stoker’s Dracula has so far been rewarding. For me, just the venture to the Count’s castle in itself is making me smile. The movies have not done the author justice. So get your head out of your ass and the Walmart electronics bin and pick up the book. Read the book.…… Continue reading More Journal


at work thinking about writing all the time wondering what it’d be like in the outside world on assignment getting survival cash for words if I could hack it knowing what I know and knowing others who definitely can’t but I don’t dare tell them at least not yet. ya don’t got what what it…… Continue reading Wondering

Be Happier

a day of hard feelings flying around— that’s work I guess I don’t think it has to be my thought is just that people can be such poor communicators I would like to try to remind people to be as happy as possible to not stress out so much but look at these times we’re…… Continue reading Be Happier

Some Notes

simply put the writing is like a free hand choppy coming off cryptic because it is choppy but I’m not holding anyone’s hand in this the reader has some work to do I have finally donated some money to the Live Journal community thereby becoming a full member I endorse others do the same there…… Continue reading Some Notes


reading Alice Miller’s The Truth Will Set You Free and Morrison’s Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul napping waking from the napping and returning to hunger and a dubstep soreness thinking what a good time is had just by going out dancing how unrestrained to be the insanest one there… if only they would’ve busted loose…… Continue reading Reading

Online Writing

I’ve been writing a lot more these days. When I say Days, I mean, the past couple of months. It’s a good thing, I think, a good habit to put down just a little something each day, even if at the moment you don’t see its value. A journal is for capturing the big and…… Continue reading Online Writing

Looking for a place to stay! Will write poems for food!

Tomorrow I should be leaving my gracious hosts here in Downtown and looking for a new place to stay, just for a short while, preferably somewhere with power (which, I know, is asking a lot). I have with me two well behaved cats that can sort of acclimate with your other animals. EMAIL ME AT…… Continue reading Looking for a place to stay! Will write poems for food!


I get listless during these uneventful days… still I write something it’s something people wanna see the new tattoo but there isn’t one sorry but there’s internal motion not always bringing it out sit out here with me and watch the traffic go by