a lot of changes good changes ya’ll oh man I have not talked about it till now but it’s official I have a new job lined up today at my current hell hole I walked off and did not look back I was screaming at the signs and traffic lights – I will never see…… Continue reading Untitled

the rattling pebble of afterthoughts after dinner

there are not enough hours in a day for me, for me. this is ten minutes or an acorn shot through a front door storm window while the crew is sleeping. I feel like a coal miner. in the morning I will have to explain that you cannot properly crank out a buscard run on…… Continue reading the rattling pebble of afterthoughts after dinner

Work notes [week of Sep. 4]

My situation at work is unstable, all due to this production manager psychopath, who knows very little about the print industry, who is hyperactive and stresses everyone out in her path. A little hurricane in her own right. One guy calls her the Tasmanian Devil. He attempts cheering me up: “Take it easy.” “I’ll try.…… Continue reading Work notes [week of Sep. 4]


Work went well today, my first day. Not a whole lot I wanna say about it; I think I should make it a general policy to try and write from a deeper place within instead of small little details around an office that can just bore the hell out of people. The challenge then, is…… Continue reading Untitled

First day

I start my first day on the job in just about an hour; starting out part-time as a prepress specialist/graphic designer for a small print shop. Needless to say, having been out of work for so long, I’m excited and ready to jump in head first. Since I don’t have all that much to say…… Continue reading First day

notes from work

it kills me to be here so much stress and stupidity that’s all I can say good bye for now