Wednesday notes

defrag spring cleaning but things seem jumbled head not always clear the cars I see: VW, Mercedes, Toyota, Mitsubishi… coffee shop attendants me: laptop V for Vendetta trade reading/writing gamble with notes sweatshirt people sneezing like me it gets chilly sometimes still enough to tweak health back and forth ah, the letters I must write…… Continue reading Wednesday notes


minimal minimalist minutes I fretted for nothing today smooth boredom in the work place drab challenges middle of week head swims spot has wifi by tanning bed signal to sidewalk I grab chair table place for me place in universe shifts and shifts swims and dances less a performance more sincere in old age I…… Continue reading Untitled


we enter the upper mind states. it has counted down to this. to this happening. UNFOLD so my big frustration is that in my identity as a writer, I’ve let that identity and action within myself slip – in a big way. which saddens me. society is the soul crusher and is faking out even…… Continue reading unfold

man with the grey hair

man with the gray hair observe the pick pocket at work the hammer comes down house broken into : awry draw on your arm hard curves blueprint for a new house the maddening crawl broke a lightbulb and cut himself while the movie ran in the other room a board game exceeds its limits many…… Continue reading man with the grey hair


an update fugazi is playing to accompany words written here to which I will further elaborate on my daytime hours what work now consists of and I shall mention my move from the last job to the present has been a smashing success I’ve gone from being surrounded by complete assholes to very easy going…… Continue reading Untitled


get the idea down that idea rattling around up in your head the idea that has not yet been put to words formulated you could say maybe you should say it might not be possible you start out on an assembly line that’s like how you were born memorizing zip codes on a conveyor belt…… Continue reading Untitled

First day

I start my first day on the job in just about an hour; starting out part-time as a prepress specialist/graphic designer for a small print shop. Needless to say, having been out of work for so long, I’m excited and ready to jump in head first. Since I don’t have all that much to say…… Continue reading First day


bread. earnest living. material for the roof repair the rain damage the brain damage forgive this “hey I’ve died twice” listening through the walls children in there babies that represent purest droplets filtered “I win all your spelling bees” apologize for this I fit the words together piece what makes sense and that’s my best…… Continue reading Untitled