an update

fugazi is playing to
accompany words
written here
to which I
will further elaborate
on my
daytime hours
what work now
consists of
and I
shall mention
my move
from the last job
to the present
has been
a smashing success

I’ve gone from
being surrounded
by complete assholes
to very easy going
hard working
capable individuals

and this obviously
makes all the difference
in the world

the work
however is nothing
to bat an eyelash at
I come home aching
all over
with a pounding head
some serious papercuts
and have to think
from there
how the hell I’m
going to effectively
manage my time
aka not
collapse into
a deep sleep
and then
my chess game
is out the window
writing is abandoned
ruined broke off

but this has always
been the case with
working for anyone

you make your
and use your brain
to best figure out
how to move around
with the greatest ease
and then move
on to become
a motherfucking ninja
of that department

you reach a point where
you’re beyond efficient
you’re magnificent
the amount of
mistakes you’re making
is down to
nothing at all

and this fills you
with great pride

this fuels you

. . .

I found a bike, a Cannondale H400 – bought it from someone in my neighborhood right away. I’ve had a few chances to ride it so far, and I must say it’s a thing of beauty. A Ferrari of bicycles. I really look forward to riding it this weekend.

. . .

this cup of coffee
this second issue, 2 of 4 – Grant Morrison’s Frankenstein sitting next to me
I will dig into it
dig into experience of life
that surrounds me

art to me
is taking in life experience
still as something wonderful
something fun
something mind blowing
and also creating something
to throw into the pool
into the ether
where it is

. . .

make sense of something
be confused

become enlightened

write in a fury

travel slowly

cry for people
you don’t know

believe in people
even though
you don’t believe in a godhead

fall in love without
becoming attached

become attachment
and detachment

punch the military in the face


put vegetable oil in and go

go and see Syriana

introduce yourself
to more people
at the risk of…


contact old friends

“hold onto your friends” -MOZ

write for
miles and miles
generate writing sessions
diary/journal/blog entries

learn chess, revel in it!

visit/move to Houston
you might like it
the winters are wonderful here
66 degrees as I write this
at night!
70-80 degree days

. . .

and so this
postscript ends
weary eyes
a pail for the leak
and old newspapers
the conversations
give essence to the wind to the leaves
and other scraps
to the denial
to the lights
to everything that is
evening on a Thursday

going easy

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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