In Blue Light

singing the blues/surrounding yourself/in blue light

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Saturday Night Writ

shotgun chat too much makeup on lost interest fast driving a premium gasoline’d convertible bad listening span visiting fam nightguard in mouth keeping some from great grinds layoffs at the graveyard send reeling workers home axed unfinished grinds wary of the prick glued to business calls all thru Virginia and chides the kind woman for…… Continue reading Saturday Night Writ


I vow to always try we damage each other and ourselves with ourselves vow to always pay attention to the potential damage that can be done with words and try for the opposite apologies cannot always repair I can only go on living and go on trying it is late and night and time to…… Continue reading Attention

Spare Parts

pills coatedis this what you wantyogurt spazlingholy shipwe get kicked out Erol’sout ofthe fuck is youridea butpron. like eye-deethat’s southernsurprise foodthe spelling bewas riggedeach one teach oneeach of uspick a religionto reformthen we’ll swapthe namesit’s coming down to a craZeand fearingthe Worstis justa badhabit formatall formationsfizz downdisintigrate, Sorryto sayI told you sowithout yellingwhat’s that boutthe…… Continue reading Spare Parts

At The Movies

an end to my vacation tomorrow work begins that thing I been talking on — Vipassana, ten day radio silence heightened awareness altered states sitting in the dark no drugs or TV or slasher flix in system… just You (if you can handle that) some wish me luck, others like: “Go fuck yourself” which at…… Continue reading At The Movies

Done Is Done

engine hollarPine tree followKero dash aboutwalkaboutI reach my evening pointEnergetic as an old manRetire before they pass outThere’s a diff. Don’t look at me nonesnide noncommitaldone is doneSet intoneset in stonefeature creaturing

Flow Business

it is said I’m becoming too intimatein my writing on stage and theflow is not what it wasfrom a manwho is himself a showmanwhich is funnybecause you thinkhe’d understand it himself howthe flow doesn’t alwaysappear to flowyou can’t make it sitroll over play deadbe a good boy orstop its true breathit just may expose a…… Continue reading Flow Business

What I Did

In the dream, I exercised my kinesthetics controlling the movement of oscillating fans. Brought someone into to show my newfound power and could no longer demonstrate. Then I claimed some woman pulled a gun on me. But she did not pull a gun on me. Kids say the darnedest things. In someone else’s dream, I…… Continue reading What I Did

Grey Man

I didn’t get a good look at the fish tank next to me. Hell, I didn’t even notice it. This means I am going to hell. Reality, as exposed by scientists as they bite into it, does not reveal an actual hell realm, other than the seemingly limitless varieties of suffering humans and animals create.…… Continue reading Grey Man

Dream Factory

goth sex twat questionably hetero slave bot dot dot thanks a whole damn lot by the way along the way I like to laugh a lot fountain of youth holocaust the arms of pretties ready to be given attention but not like obsessive attention of course not fine hairs standing up thrust your hands to…… Continue reading Dream Factory