In response to a letter: Moved from DC, I’m liking Houston so far, having been here for almost two years now. I forgot all about Refuse to Fall. I knew those guys back when they were staying in Philly, briefly. I in fact helped fold the sleeves of that 7 inch in the original Equal…… Continue reading Discussing…

Your krsna consciousness is showing / confusing atheism

• so well meaning • notes on open casket viewerships and ships that leave peopled up once the earth has all been used up and mass suicides and plagues have taken place. these things, by 2123, happen. shit. happens. all kinds of shit happens. • old school. shaking hands with shaky hands. sweaty palms. the…… Continue reading Your krsna consciousness is showing / confusing atheism

Baltimore days, part 2

the rooftops of Highlandtown… the helicopters… looking out the windows at night down at the rat garden… my job at Sam Goody… the bus rides through the neighborhoods to the harbor…. passing Gay St. overthrown by porn shops… Patterson Park where I would go and attempt writing the last issue of Journal of Thought… the…… Continue reading Baltimore days, part 2

lunch notes / SDG

an eon later, entry try again so I’ve returned from a trip to WV a funeral and am somehow in good spirits I guess because I’m glad to be home in the meantime I wiped out several days of writing by accident but somehow I’m in good spirits ready to write more a friend briefly…… Continue reading lunch notes / SDG

sets of three

THREE THINGS THAT SCARE ME 01 – easily losing my breath 02 – job loss 03 – loss of more personal & political freedoms THREE THINGS I DON’T UNDERSTAND 01 – how my boss is able to tie his shoes in the morning 02 – how his wife can be so cold and ruthless 03…… Continue reading sets of three

incoming mail

pamho  all glories to S.Prabhupada: I do apoligize for saying  “where you went wrong”.Perhaps i didnt fully understand what you were telling me.maybe i should have worded it different. What i am really trying to say is:I don`t when you changed.You are not the Glen that i grew up with and knew from early baltimore…… Continue reading incoming mail