In response to a letter: Moved from DC, I’m liking Houston so far, having been here for almost two years now. I forgot all about Refuse to Fall. I knew those guys back when they were staying in Philly, briefly. I in fact helped fold the sleeves of that 7 inch in the original Equal…… Continue reading Discussing…

original sin cannot find a hotspot in my mind

at a party last night this woman introduced herself asked if it was alright that we mulled over the idea… what we thought about “sin” she was wearing a chain with a cross immediately brought on my suspicion here she was ultimately trying to steer the conversation in a direction which to her was “godly”…… Continue reading original sin cannot find a hotspot in my mind

alone time

I don’t have any fashion statements to make any other is coincidental time is being filled up with big city goodness which is why we moved to Houston finally things fall into place for us to a degree this is all accidental these are sunday statements that replace the fashion statements autumn leaves breezed in…… Continue reading alone time


over on Chron.com’s message board, Houston’s major newspaper, a thread was started on “thanking god” for having survived the storm. many local atheists spoke up with very valid points. one among them, C. added: “I love my my life and want to change the world for the better because it’s in my heart, not because…… Continue reading Untitled


a nervousness in the air a nervousness in me everyone is really cool many of us are out on the sidewalk introducing ourselves have long conversations forming a solidarity “you can have some beer if you want…” another guy with a psychology degree says this is pact mentality that in danger we group together like…… Continue reading Untitled

Your krsna consciousness is showing / confusing atheism

• so well meaning • notes on open casket viewerships and ships that leave peopled up once the earth has all been used up and mass suicides and plagues have taken place. these things, by 2123, happen. shit. happens. all kinds of shit happens. • old school. shaking hands with shaky hands. sweaty palms. the…… Continue reading Your krsna consciousness is showing / confusing atheism