Restful Rest

Sometimes the cats wake me by stirring up trouble with the wires behind the computer, pulling them out and such. Yelling at them doesn’t always inspire them to carry their business elsewhere. So at 5 AM, I smacked the beanbag chair against the wall and they ran to the living room. But it was so…… Continue reading Restful Rest


“What is this detour in which I get lost when I try to find myself? What is this screen that separates me from myself under the pretense of protecting me? And how can I ever find myself again in this crumbling fragmentation of which I am composed? I move forward with a terrible doubt of…… Continue reading Untitled

My Pure Thing

make more sense of life going further in no allusions are made to coffee drinking as something deep it is just something I do, for now, today something mentioned on either side of the napkin and the screwdriver gradually wears into my palm forming a blister and it bursts putting together new furniture from the…… Continue reading My Pure Thing

December Notes

Talk of… GOOD INTENTIONS. Just talking. The talk does not manifest itself always into anything other than itself? Let me say, this wisdom pouring out is manifest in the act of humanity’s ability to question. And on top of that, it’s ability to question the question. That is some acid infinity mirror kind of shit,…… Continue reading December Notes

At The House Warming

I think I’m taking up Henry Miller’s method of writing heavily in the day, then socializing at night. If only I could safely remove that thing, the job. back all fucked up danced insane drunken monkey style at the house warming my zest for life started shining through and that my friends is what makes…… Continue reading At The House Warming


Finally my job has hired me, this has been the first week, and I’m no longer a temp. Feels good not to be a temp and in turn be handed all the paperwork listing a pretty generous set of benefits. So we’ll see how it goes, how everything goes. As a unit, we’re pretty stressed…… Continue reading Lifetimes

The Heat

god it is so fucking hot the sun is going to cook us alive in the next couple of years don’t believe it? anyway, it’s hot out it is night and it’s still hot out I’m sitting inside an air conditioned house the place is still blazing July dreaming of August