This advance copy of Thom Yorke’s The Eraser has been in constant rotation as an attempt to figure out what he’s getting at. The feel of it is more personal, tortured, desperate. . . . Monday: I’ve been to some quiet hells. One being a courthouse room where I sat and waited my turn to…… Continue reading Untitled

Wednesday notes

defrag spring cleaning but things seem jumbled head not always clear the cars I see: VW, Mercedes, Toyota, Mitsubishi… coffee shop attendants me: laptop V for Vendetta trade reading/writing gamble with notes sweatshirt people sneezing like me it gets chilly sometimes still enough to tweak health back and forth ah, the letters I must write…… Continue reading Wednesday notes

notes from 10am

• the week has dragged itself all out like a mf’r. finally I am up here and the wifi is holding on, if just for a bit, and so I can get out my communique to the world. • seems I’ve gotten over my bronchitis. it was a nasty stretch. glad to say I’m still…… Continue reading notes from 10am

Notes This Past Weekend

There are little things I’ve been paying attention to. One is, the idea of nothing. My own various definitions or associations of the word, like we “sat and talked about nothing.” What does this really mean to me? Our intention is simply in enjoying each other’s company. Let the chips fly where they may. Nothing…… Continue reading Notes This Past Weekend


I splurged for much needed sleep and now here I am, up here with minutes left to write and my hair all messed up like a cartoon character. My moods are pretty good these days. I haven’t felt any kind of major emotional plummet, which is good, even if it only lasts for a little…… Continue reading Untitled


Unceremonious to discover fleas in the bed at such a late hour. One on you. Oh, one on you, too. The source of bites from the weeks passed is discovered here. Now we twitch in paranoia. Scratch reddened inflammations. It is good to sit and read and write. I’m glad to have this morning time…… Continue reading Post-birth


something wrong with the internet back at my house and besides I wanted to hit the coffee shop anyway come here and write read discover the misfortune of a badly torn page as it turns out has been there since the purchase over a year ago in the days before my wife left for Spain…… Continue reading Untitled

Friday morning notes

it is nice coming here to the coffee shop mornings and finding that other people write not as students but as writers with journals. so Friday is here! still, I’ve been in a good mood all week. I’ve pretty much been this way ever since I left my old job and started the new one.…… Continue reading Friday morning notes


I work a mid-shift now, 11 in the morning till 8 in the evening, lunch around 2pm or so; fairly normal and this allows me to miss both rush hours of traffic. Mornings, I wake early and drive my wife to work, then back home and decide what to do with my time before heading…… Continue reading Untitled


an update fugazi is playing to accompany words written here to which I will further elaborate on my daytime hours what work now consists of and I shall mention my move from the last job to the present has been a smashing success I’ve gone from being surrounded by complete assholes to very easy going…… Continue reading Untitled