did I forget to mention that the owl, since the hurricane, flew the fuck away? how does a fake owl fly away anyway? does he look dumb, get made fun of by other owls that flap flap and soar? I bet if he hit them they wouldn’t be laughing then. maybe he was brought in…… Continue reading Oscar

Free Time Costume

so there have been more Friday layoffs at my job. I was called into the office and axed—”due to the economy.” still in this state of shock, I roll on out the door, roll with the punches, go back into town, let things stew, then go hang out with a friend who talks a good…… Continue reading Free Time Costume

Diversity Is Nice

home early for the day. sick. sneeze sneeze. often drinkin’ wine causes wheeze. I dream I’m at a poetry reading. the rest is at least four hours Rudra & Kalika right next to me. a journalist asks RZA about a machine… “yeah I invented that!” things you don’t know. journalist later says something I like,…… Continue reading Diversity Is Nice


hate to say it but I’m really enjoying myself why aren’t you? my stomach is doing the work of a gymnast tumbling what’d they call that in elem. school? tumbling? tumbling class well I’ve got class I’ve got the spirit all right school spirits drinking spirits communing with the spirits many fake a good smile…… Continue reading Conversational

Quick Note

sick with a semi-cold or flu bug (aching limbs and fatigue) I’ve darkened the room and lay still and sore and all the activity of the outside world both annoys and intrigues me I don’t know how much longer to stay in and if I go out just what kind of trouble I’m in the…… Continue reading Quick Note

Be Happier

a day of hard feelings flying around— that’s work I guess I don’t think it has to be my thought is just that people can be such poor communicators I would like to try to remind people to be as happy as possible to not stress out so much but look at these times we’re…… Continue reading Be Happier

Some Notes

simply put the writing is like a free hand choppy coming off cryptic because it is choppy but I’m not holding anyone’s hand in this the reader has some work to do I have finally donated some money to the Live Journal community thereby becoming a full member I endorse others do the same there…… Continue reading Some Notes