A Brief History of Last Night’s Not So Bright Flash

what is a fight?you know after years go bywhat is serious what is notand who you thinkis cool to talk toturns into a screaming monsterafter too many White Russians…night grows late atthe poetry barthe dude who screams is far gonetold to leave by the ownerescorted out by mehe returns by throwing the chairs out front…… Continue reading A Brief History of Last Night’s Not So Bright Flash


a quaint snowfall bestows our southern town for a few minutes doesn’t really stick to much disappears off and away so too the open mic poetry passes which I host but between you and me I’ve certainly become my own harshest critic and fill with the kind of doubt that makes one wanna reorganize one’s…… Continue reading Rebuild


waiting for my friend to show upI stand out in the cold at the doorbell-less gate, chill plummeting, reminding me of DC days, ‘cept without snow a with a lot less patience. my other friend, I hurt his feelings for going off the map for a good two weeks or more and I hope I…… Continue reading Untitled

Another Novel

punchy drunk punch punch bobbing head halloween said fred is fred lead is leed free is freed I’m somewhere here uncertain punchy woken up early ready to go to work punching sporadic words discover as I go along in this big experiment of writing habit I’ve kept along for so many years now at night…… Continue reading Another Novel

Lovely Ride

big life changes. I’m on my bicycle now riding this out writing this out sneezing along but the temperture is back up and it’s good to be back cruising little Montrose again and Midtown too. a corrupt economic system is destined to fall, the question is only When and Now or Soon has never felt…… Continue reading Lovely Ride

The Festival

the park Festbeautiful Saturday afternoonsome of the best bands out theredoing it up ripping the waves the crowds tear at your anklesand balance back out by the endsoundscapeswith thirty some bands it’sthe kid in a candy shop feelingsome of which areIntegrity, Adolescents, The Dead Milkmenand tomorrow Cro-mags, Kook Keith, Bad Brainscertainly a lot of funand…… Continue reading The Festival


what silly days of leisure resting to catch up on all I missed as a corporate whorewhat silly one-meal days barking from a bridgegathering couragespeaking for an idea and a realm that changes and glad to go on not jumping which would end all experiencethe city life downtown has some of these bartenders passing out…… Continue reading Days

I Hate Election Years

it is still Halloween weekend part of trying to keep my head together is figuring out this new big vast space of time that has opened up to me since the Friday job loss trying to not be so depressed that I cannot enjoy the unfolding of this beautiful holiday in its three-day splendor Change…… Continue reading I Hate Election Years