late evening note


I did much laundry today! You would be so proud. And when I let Rudra out for a bit in the evening, I looked through the DC want ads. There was actually a lot of stuff, which had me feeling a little better. Roanoke is dead. What’s disheartening about Roanoke, is that most of the places that are around, require a degree. Whereas in D.C., they’ll say a degree or equivalent experience.

A three day weekend was hard for me, believe it or not, because things were closed today (in DC and here) and so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get ahold of anyone. But I should here back tomorrow from Brian about that house across the street. I sent a resume to one place in Alexandria (Old Town). It looks good.

There is also a creative sort of temp agency, but they requested that you only sign up with them once moved into town, which is kind of understandable. But they are mostly design/production/web based, which is cool. I’ve realized I have to pick up on my web skills sooner or later, because there seems to be a lot of money in that. That’s where a lot of design seems to be going.

That’s all for tonight. I hope you like all your classes.

I love you so much.

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