I think on Friday the rain will quit this business.

Today I woke up knowing more surely, I will rough it out in Roanoke if no major deals from DC come hitting me in the face. Practically speaking, we can at least pay off a couple months rent with some from your $3,000 check coming in, or from mine on Friday. And with the unemployment that tumbles in, bills and grocery nick knacks can be dealt with. I have been good in not buying virtually anything. I am surviving now off soups, rice, and potato chips. Only like once every two weeks do I plan on hitting a small meal at a restraunt, to kind of reward myself, and get better nutrition.

That bitch from AG wrote this morning. Here it is:


Sorry for the delay; had to check with Glenn. He is sorry but we have no severance policy to date. Our company is not in a financial position that we can provide for such a policy at this time. Severance pay also interfers with your unemployment compensation claim.

To continue your medical insurance coverage for September, we need to receive payment in the amount of $332.99 by September 15, 2004. The $332.99 will also be due October 1, 2004 for October coverage and November 1, 2004, for November coverage. The medical insurance cannot be extended beyond November 30, 2004, per Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield instructions due to COBRA regulations regarding the size of our company.

Hope things are going well for you.


Glenn Burns wrote:

Hi Linda,

How is everything going?

I just wanted to write and see that, along with my last check I’ll receive next week, if severance will be included in that. I don’t know if this is something that is to be taken care of on Glenn’s side (perhaps you can talk to him about it).

Under the circumstances, since I was not even given a mere two weeks notice, I feel I deserve that much. I do have financial concerns, which is why I’m writing this, and hope that you understand.

You can always write me here, or call.

Unfuckingbelieveable, isn’t it? I will let this go, but it is totally untrue that severance would interfere. Basically I would report the additional amount to unemployment, and they would make adjustments to how much they gave me in the next check. They are so full of shit.

K. has been lying next to me on the couch a lot. R. on top of the VCR, eyes closed sage-like. I’m finishing up my new poem, “Gremlin on the Wing,” writing it down in my notebook, and will soon be heading out to poetry night in the wine cellar.

I’m confused about school at this point. I’m so thinking about going to tomorrow night’s class. What do you think I should do? Should I definitely cancel? I don’t want to, but then again, if I DO get a job offer and have to hit up DC, then, as you said, canceling that late in the game could look bad on my record.

I’m gonna take off for now, sweatheart. Love you.

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