Sunday letter


The loneliness of missing you is really starting to hit me. I cried for a long time today in the middle of sweeping the kitchen floor. Though I washed my face, the tears still feel present.

Not a whole lot to report today. Cleaned the front room a lot. Talked with Brian about the house, which he says the sign is down – but he will call them. Otherwise, he knows of other rentals in the neighborhood and will get the info for me.

Dave, this guy in D.C. is a recent college graduate willing to pay $500 a month for the basement. I spoke with for a bit today, telling him if one place doesn’t work out, certainly another will. He just happens to be a vegetarian and worked for some time with the Peace Corps. Found him on the DC Pages site.

As suspected, J. Perry’s place was uninhabitable. A lot of smoke all throughout. But the mamma cat and her four or five kittens were adorable. She is of a light color, and friendly like Rudra, purring all over the place. Kittens so small! Reminded me of stories you told of Rudra when you washed him in your hand.

I figure while I’m not searching for jobs, I might as well be cleaning and getting in packing mode. Have yet to hear back from Chris Williams. This, as you know, well annoys me—since I’m so on the communication ball and everything. I’ve called and let the phone ring and ring, but nothing. Just now I left a message. Anyway, that is that. Otherwise, I still want to look for work in the DC area, but things might take a little time.

John Perry, Mario, and Liz are coming over in a bit to watch the Ali G. marathon. But also Mario invited me over there, to watch Run Lola Run.

. . .

11:10 PM John a no-show. Run Lola Run was amazing—very entertaining. Afterwards we watched Ali G. HBO is airing two episodes every Sunday. So that is that. I was really upset earlier, missing you so. Feeling a little better now. I have this writer’s blood in me tonight, so I want to go off for now and see what I can create and read. I hope you are well, my darling darling. Kalika is sitting next to me here on your desk, Rudra asleep on the VCR, looking adorable.

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BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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