Saturday quiet notes


I love getting all kinds of letters from you after the big gap of time at the beginning of the week. For a bit there I was thinking maybe you weren’t going to get any internet connection, period. It was a bit rough. Anyway…

I’m going to John Perry’s tonight to take a look at the room and get a general feel for it, if I think it would be a good free place to crash—for myself and the cats. Thing is, he already has a few cats there, a mother with newborn kittens, and I don’t want to disturb that situation. Plus, it’s on Day Avenue, which is rough of course, but I’m almost ready to get rough at the moment. John smokes also, but I don’t know if he does in the house. That’s pretty up there on the nishnish list, considering my asthma and overall annoyance with smoke. Also, the fam chimed in about taking care of the cats in the basement for awhile, if it’s needed. Still, I don’t want to be separated from them. In fact, I don’t think I can bear it.

You wanted news about the cats. Rudra is big on going outside. He loves it. He is being a real sweatheart these days, but doesn’t really cuddle at night since you’re gone. I think in about two weeks or so he’ll start up again, but I’m sure he misses you. He has a bad spot on his back which I’m worried about, but these things generally work themselves out. I know all during the winter his fur gets so much better, so we shall see…

Kalika probably knows you’re gone but it is hard to determine exactly what is happening in that little head of hers. She’s in the kitty tower as I write this. And her fur is looking great, as usual. She’s a beautiful little girl. I cuddle with her as much as possible, but she has her own concerns and often gets up and runs away after a short 5 minutes.

. . .

After talking with Brian on the phone Friday, I want more than ever to move up there. My general feel of moving into John’s place at this point seems like it won’t be a good idea. It will be extra work to move from here to there, from there to Alexandria. I think already it’s not a place I want to live—if I had to—from here until January; especially when you got back there probably would not be room for you, and it would not be as nice. My intuition warns against it.

At this point, I think it’s just a straight shot for DC. This is painful because it means basically I’ll be living with you in a year. I did not anticipate such a huge separation. Please gmail me pictures of your surroundings and everything, but also of yourself!

Food-wise I have bought 20 bucks worth of stuff that I am to last me for about 5 days or so. I spaced the brownie thing out so that one brownie was breakfast for about a week. Can you believe it, that I was actually worrying about the brownies going bad?!

Go ahead and talk to your friend Brian, and whoever else, ahead of time, because you never know when we might need help. I mean, at least make him aware of the situation. Practically put an ad out in the paper is what I’m saying.

By the way, I’m choosing Alexandria, not only because of Brian and our familiarity of with the area, but because it is close to the Metro and very easy for me to hop on the Beltway at that location and have access to Waldorf. This would not be too easy from Arlington, the way it’s set up. I have that thought out, just so you know. And Arlington is even more expensive.

. . .

Priority 1 is to get ahold of C.W. once more and talk serious business. Then a trip up to see the place of work, Brian and Ruth, and our potential new home. From there the main decision can be made, and back here I will wrap up the final apartment stuff, cancel school (which is a pain in the ass, since I’m liking this class so much already), and decide what to take with me, and what should be sold. I think the big ass TV is dead weight. (Maybe I can put it BACK to Rocky Mount and pick it up later). We can live without one for awhile. Albeit, we’ll miss some good entertainment, but we can always catch up later, kinda like we did with Millennium years back, except now everything is on DVD.

On that note, getting reestablished up in Alex. means eventually buying a kick ass TV down the road, and Cox Comm. is now doing that whole digital recorder thing now, too. I just found out. I’ll leave the dresser behind, too. I know you hate it, and that’s just extra space on the U-Haul truck. The two futons, after all, will be a bitch. I will soon get our clothes all in order and packable. These are the most unmanageable among our belongings. Books and movies arrange nice and neat in boxes, while clothes, clothes will be clothes.

. . .

Big Brother is rolling along. The other evil twin was booted off. Upon going out the door she stopped for a minute, and as Marvin put it, was “so sanctimonious and pompous.” She went on how she is praying for them all, blah blah, and how she will be a judge over at the other house, blah blah. Everyone stood there in shock and awe while Marvin decided this was enough of the lacerations, and blasted her down for it. It was pretty hilarious and “the first time in Big Brother history,” says Julie Chen, that such a fiasco unfolded at the end of a booting-out ceremony.

Will over at the “other house” handled this all hilariously. He was mild mannered and even hugged the first one when she arrived. But on camera he was talking smack about her. “I’m trying to be the better person here, so I’m behaving myself.” At another point: “She was trying to open this bottle of wine, and I was really hoping the cork would fly up and hit the bitch in the eye.” Ha ha.

More news later. This is in fact a double eviction week, they found out at last minute, and so Saturday evening, one more house guest will be kicked out. Crazy.

. . .

Lastly, make sure you scroll down and spy over anything else I’ve written, as they may be some things you’ve missed. Such as the letter that Hollins sent do you, and so on.

Your Homemaker,

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