A Human Place

Ten days of seclusion and getting to what I feel a more Human place. It is a workshop of the mind to confront yourself in isolation and stay out of everyone else’s business no ifs ands or buts about it. Courage to be launched into space and just Left There for awhile and with the…… Continue reading A Human Place

At The Movies

an end to my vacation tomorrow work begins that thing I been talking on — Vipassana, ten day radio silence heightened awareness altered states sitting in the dark no drugs or TV or slasher flix in system… just You (if you can handle that) some wish me luck, others like: “Go fuck yourself” which at…… Continue reading At The Movies

Done Is Done

engine hollarPine tree followKero dash aboutwalkaboutI reach my evening pointEnergetic as an old manRetire before they pass outThere’s a diff. Don’t look at me nonesnide noncommitaldone is doneSet intoneset in stonefeature creaturing

Flow Business

it is said I’m becoming too intimatein my writing on stage and theflow is not what it wasfrom a manwho is himself a showmanwhich is funnybecause you thinkhe’d understand it himself howthe flow doesn’t alwaysappear to flowyou can’t make it sitroll over play deadbe a good boy orstop its true breathit just may expose a…… Continue reading Flow Business