UNLOCKED, pigs hate to be called cops

that lady had so much work done on her face
she’s hardly recognizable now—they use her
for random drunk driving campaigns and
this is what happens when you
get behind the wheel after you smoked
the weed in the glove compartment
good luck with all that
luck to you and your fervent weed smoking

see where that gets you
see where it doesn’t get you
see somehow
get those eyes pried open, opened up
unclenched little minions little lackeys
hey, I’ve got problems
I’ve got staring problems
hey I’ve got my hands tied here!
sure ya do!
I’m all alone with my thoughts here
someone dial THREE numbers!
while I use a 4 letters to tell you
where you can go

if us meek shall inherit the earth
it’s because 
we’ll go postal…
what you wanna here, is it not?
that we’ll do it like that, say what?
but you’re the one
to my mind—
who will be fucking it up, fucking losing it
you’ll be the who loses it in the end

you’ll be the one licking those stamps
everyone predicts this

my data grows restless and unhinges
into big blood thinner smiles of
static void of
stillness morn
exceptionally gnarled

dialed midnight freakish

go see what you can see

ground to shreds

shredded documents ta
shredded documentaries

sanskrit subtleties—
om namo superfluous super nannies

ripped badges, engulfed baggets 
pre-processed : post processed


kindling gladness

poP Pop Pop 

stop—at the next sign
you see

on a dime,
this time you’ll be
close to everything
you can 

open your eyes to 
confined reason
your religion

chopped base of
bean stalk

Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese
shady business dealings

lifelong conditioning

accomplished actor acts out
in real life,
ODs in real life, autopsy (solitary) (solution)

how is it a solution to
owe it all back to the banks
so the banks own you?

in reality, a side of town
revved engines
split ends
Real men
compact lifestyle buyouts
plain as day

plane as knife into building’s gut
with nothing to say

blood as fire

you see it? me too

cops hate to be called pigs
Pigs hate to be called cops

I’m Fumbling—Unknowingly
through Cemetery plots K through L
L for lethargy 
or Lemon, as in the car-you-drive
but aren’t they all trucks here?
(in) Texas,
everyone drives (a) truck

while I drive alone with my thoughts

you see it coming? I see it coming

taught myself to say it:
“I’m a philosopher…”

yeah, that’s right—
I’ve grown up
I’m a big boy now
my favorite philosopher
by the way—is me!
free enough to know better
and I take shit from nobody!

no need to impress you
with my nervous system concoction
of words

been around
long enough
to know
there’s no one
who’s anybody
to really answer to

was born into this
to be born back out of it—
party animal
partly animal
strange indoor animal

the zen keys
are there for
opening all the doors
already unlocked

and naw, I don’t eat pork, 

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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