July Notes


I am continuing to adjust to the new job and having very little personal time. By evening, I’m exhausted and ready to crash.

We move into our new apartment mid-August. Very exciting.

Watching John Cassavetes films at night. Oh, and what about Brian K. Vaughn, Warren Ellis? Comics, the new potatoes growing out the ears.

Chilled out. Leaned back in bed.

Keep thinking of books I wanna read, but the required energy is not at arm’s length.

Feeling sedated. Spider bites that show up on my arm, discovered driving past the man-made pond. Texas. Texas heat. Texas humidity.

Buddha nature. High fever. Delusions and word play.

Save. Save your goddamn file. Beware of power outages.

Traffic is almost unbearable.

Type as fast as you can. Write a blur at the lunch table. Load headphones onto your ears and splash out the world. The time you wind up spending with yourself, without amenities, without radio, may reverberate something of interest.


Going through manuals, articles, comics. The employee manual, for instance, says Congratulations! You were very carefully selected to join a team of elites. Now, prepare yourself for training that will ensue in the coming weeks and months. At the 3-month mark, the trial period is over, at which point we will weigh all the pros and cons and see if you’re really worth it. Well, I am a ninja, bracelet or not. How keen are your powers of observation, higher-ups?

Articles. Well, this one has come in on my Google alerts. Seven Soldiers of Victory. Kicking your ass. Take notes.

I am
a full-time
of all the
little things
around me

and so
are not you?

oh dear god
the communication
flimsy in
the work space
each person
a different language
not understanding
each other
even during
a slow period
work moves
slow through the flow
a motherboard
swings like
a broken airplane wing

open mic
a quick drink

living down here
in the center of things
will be ideal
will be
more real
no more a
sitting duck in traffic
not like

backed up fifteen miles
checking for
new birth marks
this one
was here
all along

landed on my chest
landed on the moon

they should send
some gay men
to jump around on
the moon
don’t ask me why

random missions
to other planets
for the hell of it
in spite of
vedic injunctions
that say
“no, absolutely not
you cannot go!”

anarchism and vedanta
do not mix

I am a
simple minded anarchist
I am this and
that and this over here
what was that?
I am alive inside
the Texas border
who would have
ever thought?
I’ve crossed over
into another life
the thing inevitable

you sync up to that
you disconnect later
queue the music or don’t

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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