asthma and mucus combined

so sick with this cold
I feel my
body is
going to
drop dead early

I hate
being sick like this

I walk around
the block to
be closer with nature
to try and get better

sneezing my head off

the incense I’ve lit
have made a thick air
open the windows
and cough, clear
the throat
mucus hell

is getting bad
I have not rested all day

a cold
watery eyes
boiling water
on stove
a fight lost against it
goddamn it
frustrated so miserable
kicking shit around
throwing down
cough cough


car bombs
essay on a walk
stream of consciousness
poem from a university

so I come back to my big love

nothing else is working
I practically fall asleep in an
upright position
and would
except my breathing has
gone out to lunch

I’m losing it losing it losing it

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