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Things are going somewhat well. I received the AG check ($822) and deposited $800. When this clears, I will send out an early rent check so that is out of the way; probably tomorrow afternoon. This could have been higher, don’t we all know, but hey, they’re bastards.

Afterwards went to the coffee shop for the first time since you left. Ran into Daniel, believe it or not, and he was quite a cordial young man. I informed him of the AG, and he mentioned that they are hiring at Moody Graphics now, and so I broke out the iBook and mailed them on the spot. God knows if that will do any thing. Something in my gut tells me, though, that I will actually hear from the Blade in DC. Strange…

I called Hollins and got an email address for the Financial Aid department and already mailed them a letter:

To whom it may concern:

Regarding financial aid, my wife, Casey Williams (currently studying abroad), is requesting me to write you a few specifics about my current layoff at AlphaGraphics in Roanoke, VA, where I served as a Design Specialist from January 2003 to August 31, 2004. I will currently be receiving weekly unemployment checks of approximately $275. My grand total earnings for the month of August at AlphaGraphics was $2,582. The layoff was due to lack of work.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to call me at 540-529-7602. The number of AlphaGraphics is 540-776-3042 (Linda Kremer). Please sent receipt of this letter, if possible. Thank you.

Glenn Burns

I have also done more cleaning, and am starting to feel heaviness in my chest, so I’m going to take off for now. I love you, sweetheart—every minute of the hour.

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