Friday at Noon


I hope you are well today. I’m up and feeling healthy, ready to head over to AG to get that check.

A lot of fire trucks all over the area, and police cars. I can’t figure it out. It’s been that way for the past few days. Sirens like crazy!

If you have any email to send me, send it to my gmail account, because I think I’ll be canceling my .mac account soon, unfortunately. It’s just too costly to keep up at this point in the game.

Rudra is so wild-eyed today. My God! You can really tell he wants to go outside and run around like a freak. Last night Kalika was eating from the food dish with a puffy tail! It looked hilarious. Just try to picture that in your head. I was joking with her like, “Kalika, what’s wrong?” and she’d turn around, meowing at me all nastily, how she usually does.

All for now, sweetheart.

Love, Glenn

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