John Perry and other notes


John called me earlier. We chatted a bit, and he got around to saying he has three empty rooms in his place and that if I wanted, I could actually move in there, and stay for free. Man! So this is an option, too. He said, “I can tell there isn’t really any drama with you.”

It sounds strange coming from me, but I’m actually hoping things come together with the DC situation, to move back into Alexandria in that nice little neighborhood, to have good neighbors like Brian and Ruth. The house he mentioned also sounds really nice. I just emailed B. asking him if he could actually take digital pictures of the place and send them to me. This would also serve well in showing them to my mom and grandmother, because by seeing it visually, they could be more inclined to help. The kitchen, for instance, Brian says is fixed up nice.

Brian was a trip on the phone. He was telling me stories of his last dealings with Bob Parks, that Bob was being an ass and so on. Brian won’t take shit from people. He wouldn’t have lasted more than a week at AlphaGraphics.

Kalika and Rudra are being sweethearts, doing a lot of grooming—the usual. I’m trying to keep sane, and therefore coming up with ideas on just how to do that. One is to go to bed relatively early, almost as if I do have a job to go to in the morning. That way when I do, there will be no readjustment. And especially around here when most of Roanoke is all asleep, if I’m awake during those hours, it makes me feel more lonely. So it’s better that I rest up during the night and am awake during the day so I can have that time to be productive and search for jobs.

I jumped on the DC Pages website today and found it entirely revamped with nice bulletin boards and everything. It’s so perfect for all kinds of things. Tomorrow I’ll be sending some resumes off to places in DC and NOVA.

Also, cleaning and sweeping of the front room went very well. I took my time, pacing myself so I didn’t get choked up on dust and what not.

I’ve been getting more and more into this Wayne Dyer character that I’ve mentioned to you. A few days ago I borrowed two of his books from the library and they’re just really positive.

God I miss you! Looking fwd to talking with you in realtime iChat, if possible. Don’t know if the timing will work out. Bye for now.

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