new update for my sweetheart


I’m feeling well, all things considered.
Let me tell you so far all the things underway.

Yesterday, went and got unemployment.
it will be approximately 275 per week.

I may have a job offer from Chris Williams up in Waldorf, MD
for a permanent position.
this is where I need to really talk to you, because if we meet
and he hires me and Rodney (also recently discombobulated)
then we’ll need to plan out some specifics
for example, what would you do when you got back;
would it be able for you to transfer to Northern Virginia
and finish up your last semester there?

as I am writing this, Rodney just gave me a call
and is talking about all kinds of connections and exciting stuff
the more I think about it, the better DC sounds

I have a place I’m going out to locally here today
to drop off a resume, for a sign shop, which is probably not
all that hot, but we shall see.

I have stripped my ego out of this and am willing to play
whatever silly little game to bring us in bread –
and I mean, receiving little calls even from AG and taking them

went back in there yesterday because I forgot a few odds and ends
Linda has been exceptionally friendly and cooperative at this stage
the woman they hired to replace me appears frazzled and unskilled —
trust me that I may work this to my advantage and make a move by
telling them if things don’t work out with whatever graphics person
I’m willing to come back in from now until late spring next year or whatever
and that might appeal to them in the sense that even though there
is that factor that they might not like me personally, I can keep their
joint afloat for such and such amount of time

but whatever. we shall see. my idea is to put in good effort daily
and at nights have fun with poetry readings, writing, reading, watching TV, etc.

with this sudden change, I miss you more than I imagined.
I hope you are doing well with school and the new adjustments

. . .

with the financial stuff, I went over to Rocky Mount and the fam. were surprisingly very supportive with everything. gmom gave me like 100 bucks in cash, and 200 check. so I deposited $240 into checking, which has cleared by now. I did this because I was worried about you maybe drawing something out of it, and bouncing the account, because I don’t know if you’ve read ANY of this yet, since you’re still adjusting over there. anyway, they were also very supportive of you (at least superficially), and didn’t harp on me in the least with anything regarding your new residence over there.

this change has been mostly all positive so far, though a little stressful over the income situation. but I am working on it.

all for now, sweetheart.

your loving author

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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