giving time

philosophy papers
compound me
trap me in
a time frame
and excommunicate
me from x-journaling

in five minutes
I mark down
a cold juice bottle
between my
two feet
above the
wooden floors
air conditioner
a fan behind me
moves like
a lighthouse

Dostoevsky plods on
beyond the grave
I am to be
a learned scholar
in all things
Fyodor of
St. Petersburg

word pad
temper held in a kitten saucer argument over the basic aura that glows about the body if it’s even there I haven’t seen but am fascinated by and say they break new boundaries every year what is this so-called law of nature you speak of? the airplane was perfected and flown mistakenly for all to see and to slip past some sum totals and read readjustments for educational value

let me level with you about anger and coat hangers and men devastated in their own beds who leak coolant when they shouldn’t they pretend snow storms are here in July wounded hands tossing and turning in the front yard on the back of a tired critical review imbalanced illogical uneven half-truthed keyed speedily in transmutation in commute in vehicular biography when you wake up your eyes all crusty and say shut up shut up don’t talk to me yet I feel like a dead guy still

learning to hold the breath and revolt against breath and tan blue instead of golden speak hues instead of browns exhaust fumes instead of ancient documented tombs and rooms with views

picture hung on top overlapping the paragraph your palm expressing one version of a possible future so you bust out a jack knife and re-carve in the sands every last name of every last coal miner recorded at the dept. of energy in a cubicle saved on paper a list put in a drawer down the hall locked in a cabinet door closed guarded by guards who do not fall asleep unlike me unlike now

tap your forehead to see if you’re still there fallen asleep driving the SUV turns over grins at passing traffic reporting circling helicopters I wanna pull them down by their blades to play it safe they hail me over radio to request backup and I am the wrong man for the job they learn given that I have shoved them in high school lockers and stolen their Trapper Keepers and Caprisuns have been stabbed to death with attached poking straws pilots now send out a most wanted with my picture on soy and rice milks don’t be annoyed with me for the tapping bit it is not redundant I need to see if you’re still there and not mocking me from the outside for trying for bothering for giving time

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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