dial H for hunted

gone fishing for a good sandwich
slipped into a ditch and
came back up with
a sour look on my face
this all
caused by the chef with
the strange ideas

like that
my saturday
shaken like a rag doll
ran into co-worker Carol
at the grocery
said they were on
the hunt for me
even stopped by my house
looking for answers
since they have lost
my new cell phone number
five times in a row

fuck it-
give me a saturday and sunday
to myself
when I get in monday
give word of raise, back pay, and the like
friday –
spoke to the man
he hemmed and hawed
giving in
while he did so
I set a price and other benefits
he is to put it in writing
that he will “make it up to me”
admitting “I’m not paying you right”

the kind of guy that will
admit it all before you have
a chance to rebuke
because it’ll make him uncomfortable
in other words, he knows
he’s done wrong from the start

. . .

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
midnight showing
haven’t seen this joint
since I was a kid
and virtually remembered nothing of it
seeing it this way
as if brand new
was a great treat
many scenes caused
me to laugh my ass off
only the audience was
in a frenzy to
scream out every word
became rather annoying

. . .

I say to Win in a cheesy
way “don’t let go of your dreams.”
oh no, she says —
“I’ve already
fucked my dreams
in the ear”
they are
drunk off various
weekend partying
boy I sleep
and read hours lonesome
deliberate and content
they think I
am anything but…
if they come to ask
why I am mad at them
I will immediately quote
to them from
Grant Morrison’s The Filth:

“The Filth contains the active ingredient metaphor.

The rectangular, multicolored comic books marked ‘The Filth’ contain 500 mg of active visual and thematic metaphor per issue. Comic books also contain the inactive ingredients paper and ink. Metaphor is one of a group of problem-solving medicines known as figures of speech which are normally used to treat literal thinking and other diseases. Metaphor combines two or more seemingly unrelated concepts in a way that stimulates lateral thought processes and creativity. Patients using The Filth are required to participate in the generation of significant content by interpreting text and images which have been deliberately loaded with multiple, overlapping meanings and scales…”

and win converts

. . .

after dinner sipped
from C’s drinks
which were very good
still my way
is sober

I have so
little concern with
trying to
build shallow
over any line
and kicking and
tormenting myself
how I fell short
don’t measure up
and should
jump from a
high roof
throw it all into the wind . . .

Promise Keepers bumper sticker reads: “I love my wife”
I will create: “Hummus Monsters — I love my freakin’ life”

a handsome antique mirror on the
back wall of the bar
glasses hanging upside down in Connect Four rows
E! Channel on mute
couldn’t make out what
they were talking about
forgetting to bring a book
I starred off into space
but remembered to
scope out the details of my surroundings
write about them later
living well is to
take in details…

get out of the house
some, get off the couch!
before the world
caves in on you

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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