what an utter disaster today is turning out to be. hoping for stability in this line of work is to invite devastating disappointment. c. doesn’t even have to ask any more; it’s only, “what did they do this time?” I swear, I’m baffled that these people can even tie their damn shoes in the morning. who helps these people get dressed? all day they go around yelling at each other, unable to figure out what went wrong exactly, and how to fix it. rule number one: write shit down! if you are a manager — for the love of God — write shit down! cross items off a list as you go along. don’t just throw a fit at the end of the day because you forgot five or six things….

no stability. it’s a scary thing. you want to go into work feeling good, live a good day in the span of that 8 hours. instead, it’s like going to a funeral. it’s dreadful.

woeful tales
you can tell
each person
wants to quit
but is bound in

I have a love
for writing
and want to
make that
show in
very practical

give writing
to others as
little flare

good morning
to you both
please don’t
look over
my shoulder
hate it when
that happens
the world
the job
is going to

a quick hell

I bring back
a piece of
as a souvenir
hot off
the press

quickly I
to comics
and lie back
on the couch
and you
say I have
positive to

I promote
fine silence
timed defiance

grace the pages of…

pains &
pleasures of
a relationship
with a dual world

she talks him
into his
hip replacement

“June is here
and I can
hardly believe it;
this year is
going by
so fast.”

how old are you, and how old do you plan on becoming? where do you plan to stop? this important gesture, that you mean what you say — show the aliens you pray. upon abduction, perform mudras that promote non-violence for the entire visit. tell them you prefer a fine silence as you prepare a back-up alliance. pretty soon, you will be abducting them right back anyway. extra dimensional tea parties.

boss asks
wanna end lunch
and just leave
early later?
“no”, as
firm as
extra firm tofu
I will shuffle these
expert as
a chef on
an infomercial

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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