humid notes

the babies are suffering. this electronic thermometer says 70, this means 85 in here. an oscillating fan saves us in small percentages, but it’s the look on the grey babies faces that’s starting to convince me to turn on the dreaded air conditioner. give in to the inevitable.

transitional time span
prepare to make the adjustment
the naked eye
misses a typo but caught
by an automatic red underline tool
thrown together in a time
when 56k modems
are a thing
of the unthinkable past
and the
only milk
is soy

yes, they are irritable, cannot sleep, resort to feline gymnastics,

I woke with
a punched in the right eye feeling

lunch fell onto my shirt at work
it was a monday
I ran the cloth of the temporary stain
under water applied with soap
boss’s kid screamed some more
temper, temper
others mirror
my own traits
so how
can I
not laugh?

fowl mouthed Buddhist
this is Dane, Jack Frost
blonde-haired young punk
jumped from a skyscraper
woke up in a wheat field

it was opposite of what I anticipated, the protest
it was a gigantic, exciting party
a creative, mostly non-violent revolt
with still helicopters in the sky
and snipers on roof-tops
by the end of the day
I was so sore
rested Sunday
while Casey hit the pro-choice
it was huge
your TV shows little of it
next year
I will take my
mom and grandmother
and some sun screen

they’re always wanting to get out and do something

these blurbs and sentences

matthew’s “the whole world reads…” is
such a great little project

wake up and read
in bed
to the end of
The Invisibles book 5

these days will
mark the end of
as we spend time
“workshop” on
where it lies
and replace
old habits
with new

what the mind
does while

if I say
I want to be
an obscure
sort of teacher
(that is, exactly
what I want to teach
is so far unknown; not
that it is about loving
the sound of my own
voice or anything like that,
but idea after idea just
seem to jump spontaneously
and we learn
we’re teaching each other)
poetry readings
can be
utilized, I suppose
though it seems like
most are not listening
true, but
nevertheless good practice

it’s all an exercise
moving from
level to level
expanding the mind
expanding your finances
and so on

. . .

wake up with sore eyes punched paper through
comics in bed coughing throat clear
night morphs to morning keeping
a masculine journal
sweating in a small room with
an oscillating fan doing little good
new sentences available
new hopes
today I said to myself
the changes have been
significant, gradual
significantly gradual
I fall in love with the cats every day

. . .

I can fit any word together to build sentences into unforeseen chaos to turn you green with envy

time to go to the dentist
no one else owes me money
I owe very little to anyone else

. . .

people around me don’t take enough time to read or write
myself, I don’t take it
I am going to change this

. . .

why are we infatuated with destruction
destuction is intertwined with creation
as I speak this now
silence (which is beautiful) is being destroyed

. . .

she reads my journal entry, breaks into my drawer, throws away apparent junk, clears the desk off. the sanitization of property, privacy, and civil speech. still I have come to make serious changes to your employee handbook. you have origins as a sweet lady, perhaps in another life somewhere, somewhere in the distant past? less neurotic, obsessive, maybe? I can admire loathsome qualities by pretending they’re someone else, by respecting the skeletal there, the scientific cell that does not bitch & bicker, that knows better. I come to translate dreams on Tuesday mornings, sterile beginnings, non-greetings, faux promotions. influences good and bad. bring not religion, nor politics to work arenas. sneeze in your hands. look at the ceiling. gamble rattling dice of screws loose thrown into the vent breeze.

I bring religion, politics, magnets, house plants, gameboys, light-bulbs, libraries, I bring it all anyway. it’s going on in the background while you’re cursing under your breath all the time and digging your stupid, fucking atkins diet graves.

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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