extreme sport emotions

I guess I’m a human being or something. I keep having these . . . highs and lows. in extremes. extreme sport emotions. I can be set off like a M-80. that will cause some harm to you, that will have your fingers airborne. wave goodbye to what used to be your fingers. now they’re someone else’s. kids collect your fingers like pokemon cards. check out this one!

okay, so today fingers are flying, another monday-tuesday. patience is terribly thin. everyone around here, too, is on edge and ready to start swinging. before I leave and I say, “have a good night,” I’m ready to hear back from them, “oh yeah? well, fuck you!” I won’t be too surprised. big goddamn babies.

when things get busy that’s how it gets. I have one finger flying up right now. do I feel guilty? yes, I do. ’cause I sat down in the book store at lunch to read some of a monk’s auto-biography, and did not have the heart to make it past two paragraphs. no concentration.


sir, sir…
um, sir…
you are not being…
yes, you…
sir, you are not being artistic

more later…

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