ending in letters

this is definitely halloween weather. high winds tonight. I should know. woke to the neighbors banging the front door down all to hell. turns out gigantic branches have fallen and crushed my car. well, not the entire thing. the back area, the top of the trunk. it is one of those October nights, dark and windy, to tell ghost stories to, but hope nothing unfortunate happens for real. I am thinking of car insurance and working on my art project. Edgar Allen Poe stories are playing in the background one after the other, the Raven, the Black Cat, the tell-tale heart…

I think this weekend I will do some jack-o-lantern carving and read more Sandman. the current issue I’m reading is all about cats. Sandman, being a god, can assume many different forms, so in this case he appears as a cat. how freakin’ cool! Neil Gaiman is one of my new heros.

I’ve had a bad past couple of halloweens. it’s a shame ’cause it’s my favorite holiday and I want to do it up a bit. it’s kind of hard when you’re my age, however, and you don’t have kids or too many people to hang out with. this results in merely reading scary stories, watching something halloween oriented, or walking around the neighborhood watching others. one year I went out taking pictures. not too eventful, but it still has such a cool feeling to it. I think in the next few days I will indulge in telling a few small time October stories.

Dear Nighttime,
please be at least half-way kind to me. I’m trying to read. I’m trying to write something, could stand to go without interruptions. then I would like to read. please allow me to hold my eyes up. which leads me to switching this up…

Dear Eyes,
please hold up for a bit tonight, I’ve got a little reading I’d like to do before I go to bed. don’t feel strained so much that I’ll start complaining.

Dear friend that called me on the phone Saturday/Sunday(?),
sorry for not being around to pick up. I was, anyway, going through some stuff and wouldn’t have been much for conversation anyway. you know about those days, right? this whole emotional thing, man.

Dear Emotions,
try not to get yourselves in such an uproar. I swear! this is a complicated, intricate world! so easily you allow yourselves to become offended and your defenses are terrible. quick to return fire. no good, no good!

Dear Old Times,
you cannot come back again, but I like thinking of you. keep up the good work! how is it I have fond memories of even the hard times? I find this baffling and quite fascinating.

Dear LJ Entries,
I’m looking back on old versions of you, out of curiosity. what is prominent in my mind is that I try to be somewhat consistent and write every day. you old entries, some of you have been quite short. still, you’re there. you belong to me, I wrote you. but you don’t. you’re separate from me, shot out, and you’re on your own. sometimes when someone asks me what was meant in you years back, I cannot explain the obscure meaning. that is how you maintain your own life, and also, someone may read you in a different light altogether and you become theirs. this is wonderful the way you blend into the landscape. goodnight!

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BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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