Travel Notes, Part C

Technically speaking, what I write here is no longer travel notes, but notes to end out the “series.” It has so far been two full days for us in Houston, and as the clock strikes midnight, strikes my wife’s birthday. These are days of unpacking and organizing, cleaning, and so on. Exhausting. Can you say…… Continue reading Travel Notes, Part C

Travel Notes, Part B

Slept all the way through Nashville, TN. Theron has us cruising right along. The way he feels about it is if he’s got the energy, he might as well use it now. The more we travel today, the less tomorrow. Yeah, we should make it into Houston sometime tomorrow evening, at this point. . .…… Continue reading Travel Notes, Part B

Travel Notes, Part A

My alarm is gonna go off in a few minutes. Maybe I’ve had 30 minutes sleep through the night, due to the asthma and from being stuffed up beyond belief. So I’m back up again, sitting in the rocking chair, the lights out in this dusty old apartment, fan oscillating, constantly blowing my nose. And…… Continue reading Travel Notes, Part A