This term “soldier” or “soldiering”… it ain’t so fucking grand, even metaphorically speaking, because the metaphor connects back to blood and tanks and guns and running over motherfuckers. Just because this is used in hip hop, and therefore modern culture, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be checked on to see if in fact a different metaphor…… Continue reading Soldiering…

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Notes, all over the place

new me old me same me crazy me normal me lazy me hyper me agitated me lonely me angry me tired me laughing me joking me smart ass me biking me writing me reading me walking me exercising me designing me talking me quiet me cooking me eating me watching me wishing me breaking wishbone…… Continue reading Notes, all over the place

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Take Me Away!

Mystical winds blow. Neighbor tells me alcohol ain’t for him any more. My decision is to fly my bike into the sun. At bars I shall drink water. I shall breathe in secondhand smoke and try to smile. She drinks water, serves otherwise. He calls and without prodding from a single soul, “Weed ain’t my…… Continue reading Take Me Away!