Notes, all over the place


new me old me same me crazy me normal me lazy me hyper me agitated me lonely me angry me tired me laughing me joking me smart ass me biking me writing me reading me walking me exercising me designing me talking me quiet me cooking me eating me watching me wishing me breaking wishbone me rebuilding me recycling me meditating me mentioning me getting me understanding me patient me trying me

all the layers of me. lightning strikes a tree, branch, a trunk, the tree, finished. they rev a loud, electric saw. neighbors turn the volume up on their TVs so they can hear.

solitude hunt through
poem attitude
walk that narrow path
quest for quietude
with your better half

drop the kids off
get a note back
fighting on the playground
not permissible
don’t know what you’ve been
teaching them at home
but there’s no excuse for that
just a warning for now
later this could warrant
more drastic acts

I “blooped” back into material existence
the sea of suffering
never to be seen again

the sun is so bright
the seeds of enjoyment
are here
a light breeze
Kirk says it
feels like California weather
’cept that their air feels more
“soft, powdery”
mic check mic check
the mic is up nice and loud these days
no use screaming into it
if you dont want to anyway

keep your hand out of
the light switch the fingers
the forks the knives they
wanna sneak away from whatever it was
the mother the father the grandfather
were all saying earlier
just what is the harm
in there?
why ain’t this a good place
for children?
what makes you think
I wanted to be a child
for so long anyway?
children unknowingly seek grander
perspective and look up to adults
they want to be raised by the wiser souls
even though it’s not in their vocabulary
when they’re older their role models shift
because for a little while
a small few of us can come across looking cool
doing all the same things all the rest of us are doing
walking standing shitting in a bowl putting on garments taking them back off holding our breath talking to girls thinking about the museum asking for a Nintendo from dad because we wanna build our own tracks in Excite Bike or shoot ducks out of the sky but not the dog that runs and catches them for us, he’s cool, he’s Grade A.

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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