Talking To Myself

What you think you know has a tendency to turn itself upside down on you. I always have to remind myself of this, and yet, somehow, keep myself from falling into a jaded hole. You think you know someone, then you really do. Human beings have their charm. But what I mean to say is they have an ugly side. Human beings make you wanna run, make you wanna jump ship. Get too close and they have you in their clutches. Better to be a loner for awhile and go on developing knowledge of self, and love of self. And love shines outward/inward every dir-ection.

You can relax with yourself and say words out just how you want, without worrying you’re offending the other human being who is touchy and just awful.

I look forward to getting back to whatever it was I was doing. Wherever I was, it was better there. I can bring back and tweak those realities.

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