I Still Love The World

Sometimes at a brick wall, I remind myself how I started out as a writer—as a note taker, a list maker fiend. It was only until I was well into my third or fourth zine that I started focusing on becoming more literary, what to speak of entertaining the notion of being a poet. Why do I bring this up now? It’s something I think about when I look for a solution to get past a dull spot, or when I’m going through a transition. Many Wu fans consider 36 Chambers their best release. This was RZA starting out, the whole clan on fire and hungry. I can’t help but comparing myself with other artists, even if some say I shouldn’t—don’t be mean.

I’m just bringin’ lunchtime chat.

The hot pepper in my salad, I bit into it and juice flew all over the restaurant. I was lucky the gentleman at the table next to me was just that, a real patient gentleman.

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