The Drug, The Idea, The Self

Drugs have a power and a way of altering thought, which is sometimes necessary. They should be used as medicine, to heal. In excess, drugs are detrimental. A thought itself is a drug that can be interchanged at will, provided you are awake, capable, and strong. In a sense, straightedge, the idea to abstain from drugs—is also a drug. And perhaps, so is this statement, and in each breath, even bothering to mention drugs, thoughts, or anything. The thought is the drug. The drug is the thought. The straightedge kid who judges and jumps someone for not being straightedge, in a way takes on the role of what he thinks that drug will do (of course never having tried it himself). You will probably have a much more pleasant experience on acid than you would sitting uncomfortably in a room with a judgmental straightedge kid.

At my best, I’d like to think I was not that kind of straightedge kid and maybe that’s why I was able to move on. I’ve been operating on this koan for quite some time now:
Mind expansion at all costs. To me it means, even though you may renounce the idea to abstain from drugs, that also does not mean that you become a slave to drugs. You chose wisely the ones you know that have the least harmful properties, you see where they take you, and once more, move on. So it is possible, despite popular opinion, to even go back to being straightedge. This will not win any friends or influence people, but it is your life.

It is easy to trip up on having fun, swept up and away, you’re off, gone. I call into question recreation itself, even rec’ rooms. Fuck rec’ rooms. Let’s put it this way, Neo took the Red Pill as a challenge, because he wanted to go somewhere. And it worked. Neo did not take the Red Pill day after day after day after day. He didn’t need to.

At what point do you realize you are The One? You are that variable that has power to move, sit still, to make decisions that influence so many other variables in space and time. The deep truth you discover inside yourself begins to radiate, if you let it. Think about that truth, whatever it may be. Is it time to define it?

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By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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