Recently I was interviewed by a school teacher who also creates documentaries. He asked some very basic questions while I sat at a bar, the lighting set up just right, and I turned my glass all the way up to the ceiling and became more talkative, and discovered that he had some more poignant questions ready to fire at me. Going back over the footage, I came up with better answers, answers that I feel overlap and replace the originals. Doesn’t that always happen?

What is your favorite color?
Well, I don’t usually think in favorites, as I almost always say, but I tend to feel at home in earthy grays, light blues, tans, dark browns, reds, and so on. I leave neon to midtowners. I am told these days that I’m a hippy, so I guess I have to abide and keep it Earth. Ya could say hippies are into tie-die, all that—that’s not me, though. Colors that remind me of death, of gravity pulling me back down into the Earth, of aging, of uninviting cathedrals and cemeteries…

How often do you think poets write to get Pussy?
My new answer goes like—it’s that the writing itself is something that has the potential or should have the potential to BE sex or resemble sex, or in other words, stimulate the mind, mental activity on a level that surprises and delights, and what’s more, smacking you in the face with the realization that you’re not alone… because from a flow, you can trigger something. And in sharing what you write with others, you get feedback. The rawest most honest feedback is had by performing it live. Another point is that poetry is mistakenly seen as something separate from music. This is bullshit to me because I see it all as musical. Stadiums quickly fill up to music. Music quickly triggers sexuality. I think poetry or writing is no different from that, though culturally, guitars are the pussy magnets. Let Borat know. And drummers have some luck with that, too. But if you’re not real with it, you’ll only get drunk girls—and you’ll one day figure out when you’ve had enough of them. The best sex happens on all levels, and since we’re talking poetry, what I know is that it’s something you connect with in yourself that is huge and powerful and growing… Everyone has a different answer. I talk it out like it’s a passion. Others might have a William Carlos Williams approach with it, you know, more mellow, more wheel-barrel red, morning again… The poem might be what happens after sex, you know? Writing is all of life, but here I go…

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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