Sardine Song

they say
to laugh
to keep from crying
oh how I love to laugh
how I love to laugh
to try find the
beauty in irony
oh how I love to try
how I love to try…

the head be it blessed
with life!
the electric
company goes on to
building dams, damn, work
this man leaving his apartment
forgetfully with a
kitchen sink running
steady stream all day
all the live-long
into the hereafter
all the while
she pulls with her into
the bathtub a running
fan—like the sky, bright
as a boy’s baptism
swears he saw a ghost—
the electrocution causes
this life to pass
in a series of
vignettes across her eyes

just another suicide

holy lightning be electromagnetic

plant seed of doubt
like a black out
red five fingered welts the
god scars over your face
here and here and
here to be here

she is heavy thoughted
in heavy sleep
I tie her to five horses
then scare
the horses
which works…
she’s revived conscious
but loses a tooth—
which I must pay for

a rain picks up
a wind
giving wind chimes
steady job security

criminal minded
the piano
folds into your pocket

you ever
you’d live to
see such times?

in the coming years
humanity will
be scraped from
the surface of the planet

couldn’t say
no one warned ya
but it’s nothing
you wanna
think about now
and later—
“still not now”

so populate
your hyperactive
brain waves
whales not saved
burning missive
of word plays
for days and days

to the end of days

laptops now
almost as small
as men’s penises or
a single key
on the ring—

but the
door is shut
mind shut
sewn to
sewn back dead
lady’s eyes

who the
fuck is—
is this?


now there’s
no point
no more
you need a
good place to
go and
give it all
it’s sneaking up
on you
creeping up on you
a-gainst y-o-u-r
and the sardine song I
write you on the elevator
turns out to
be between me
and the sardines

By bgkarma

BGK is a revolutionary in the mind frame of intention with vibrational swim and entertainment snack to promote edutainment and self empowerment by use of multiple brains or servers to go next level.

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